Frequently Asked Questions

Rurh offers Pre-construction Services also Known as Stage 1 at the front end of a construction project prior
to starting. The main purpose of pre-construction services is to assist the client from the beginning of a project
at project conception in achieving clients design and budget goals. The end result of the pre-construction
process is typically saving the client time and money

· Understanding the Mission, the Ultimate Goal. Rurh will need to fully understand what the client wants to
achieve. Everything must be disclosed in order for the process to succeed: Budgets, Design Ideas, Location,
Timeline, Personality Concerns, etc. It is very important for the client to understand that everything associated
with the project must be openly shared with us at this point.

· Project Site Review. The contractor will walk the project site to provide information on: utilities, local government
jurisdiction concerns, construction ideas, soil conditions.

· Construction Team Recommendations. Suggestions of other organizations that will need to be a part of the
construction team.

· Preliminary Estimates. At different phases of the pre-construction process we may provide you with preliminary
cost estimates. As the project continues to develop these costs can be updated and the information become
more accurate.

· Value Engineering / Scope Reduction. if there is discrepancy between initial designs and client budgets,
we are able to recommend alternate materials and construction methods.

· Constructability and Material Suggestions. As the project design is developing, we will periodically review the
construction drawings and documents and make suggestions on materials, construction related concerns,
and building systems.

· Scheduling. Rurh will develop a preliminary construction schedule showing the timelines of the different
activities that will occur during the construction process. This schedule will be periodically updated as the
project design evolves.

· Bidding. construction drawings and documents will be put out for bid bid when the following conditions
are met: construction drawings are 100% complete, all drawings and documents have been approved by
the client, the documents are in sync with the latest estimate and schedule. Once the contractor has
received all their bids, they can then present a cost proposal to the client
We strongly suggest pre-construction services for all construction projects. You will never understand all of
the benefits this service will provide for the client and project unless you have been through the headaches
of a project without it. The minor fees that are charged for pre-construction services will ultimately be nominal
compared to the time and money they will save the client.