RUHR management

RUHR has and offers to the clientele extensive, fully comprehensive services as regards to Property management.

RUHR Ingineering Creativity, was created through joint business integrations of the best in the business throughout the spectrum of that which is “Property Management”, all with a similar vision the be the finest in the industry of Property Management, thus creating the Board of Professional Management team in the field of Real Estate.For several years during the establishment of RUHR Ingineering Creativity the company dealt exclusively with developing and selling properties. Once the joint venture had been established it did not take long before RUHR Ingineering Creativity became the leader in the dramatic transition of Phuket. Ruhr is revered in Southern Thailand as a leader in real estate.

With the vast array of services on offer and the professional service received, many strong relationships have been created, and trusted from both those residing and the vast array of visitors to the Island of Phuket.
RUHR specializes in the field of Property Management system and advanced management. Our committed staff care for your every desire. We act on your every word. Through the coordination of our qualified team we can cater for your every need offering flexibility to best suit your needs. We will take responsibility for the effective running of the project, and the client is able to rest assured that work will be carried out to the highest standard.