I have been a resident of Phuket for well over two years and I own a property in Kamala. During this period I have had the need for a wide range of repairs and maintenance to my house – repainting of the house, swimming pool retiled, roof maintenance, electrical upgrades, water system improvement, to name a few. In an environment where, it has to be said, it is not easy to find reliable value for money support of this kind in Phuket I have been very fortunate to discover RUHR.Mr. Lukman and his team have never failed to deliver excellent work on time and always in budget. The attention to detail, professionalism of the workers and final finish to the job at hand has always exceeded my expectations. I have never hesitated in recommending RUHR to others and will continue to do so. RUHR is a company with absolute integrity.


The reason I employed RUHR as my project management team, as the first reason I was recommended by good friend of mine David Lloyd, who is a big developer in London, England and covering developer here in Phuket as well. He has worked with RUHR for many years and said they’re very professional,SoI decided to give them a go and the main reason they did a full package which is very important to me , as a QS (quantity surveyor) and as a full project management team and I’m very happy with my choice